A Guide to Life Insurance Laddering

You provide a safety net for your family members by purchasing life insurance. Your insurance benefits can be used by your family to pay bills or meet financial needs if you are unable to work. There are two types of life insurance policies: whole life or term life. There is also the option to build a life insurance ladder.

What are Ladders?

Ladders are made up of rungs. You can build a ladder by buying different versions of the same item. You can also add different types of the same financial product to your portfolio, so your investments mature at different rates.

You can build a CD ladder by buying a certificate or deposit (CD). Instead of spending $3,000 on one CD, you could use that money to purchase a series of CDs.

You should aim to invest equal amounts in all your CDs when you build a CD ladder. For example, if you have $3,000 you could invest $1,000 into a one-year CD, $1,000 for a three-year CD, and $1,000 for a five year CD. You can buy another five year CD each time a CD matures. This way your investments mature at regular intervals.

You lock your money in a financial product to protect it for a set period of time when you invest. A ladder can help you provide a steady flow of cash and reduce your risk. You could also build a bond ladder or a life insurance ladder by building a CD ladder.

Life Insurance Ladders

You can purchase term insurance policies to build your life insurance ladder. These are temporary policies that last for a certain period of time and have different term lengths. You could buy three $300,000.00 policies at once so that one policy lasts 10 years, the other 20 years, and the third 30 years. You could also buy one 30-year policy of life insurance and then purchase additional policies as your financial circumstances change.

You could purchase a $500,000 30-year policy as soon as you get married. You could purchase a $400,000 15 year policy to help pay half the monthly mortgage payment if you buy a house. A $100,000 10-year policy is available if you have children and want to pay college costs.

How to Build a Life Insurance Platform?

If you are looking for certain benefits, a life insurance ladder might be an option. You can lower your life insurance premiums by buying policies of different lengths, instead of one 30-year term policy or a full life policy. Your insurance premiums will drop as shorter policies end.

Life insurance laddering can help you address financial challenges that you might face at various stages in your life. The amount of life insurance coverage you need may change over time. You can reduce the amount of coverage you have by paying less for it.

Life insurance laddering is not for everyone. If you don’t know your financial obligations in the future, buying a number of term life policies could lead to problems.

The concept of life insurance laddering assumes that you will need more insurance when you have children and buy a house. You’ll also need less insurance when you retire and your children start buying their own policies. If you have to buy a house or handle an emergency, having less insurance could prove costly.

Bottom Line

A life insurance ladder has its advantages and disadvantages. For families looking to reduce their insurance premiums, or those who are able to plan for the future financial needs of their loved ones, laddering may be a good option. However, laddering may not be the best strategy if you aren’t sure what the future holds for your family.

Next Steps

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