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Our hormones are constantly responding to everything we do. That includes what we eat or drink, as well as our thoughts and emotions.

That’s why hormones like oxytocin are released when we cry. This is also why cortisol is released when you simply think about something stressful or traumatic.

Given the strong connection between the mind and the body, you may find it helpful to use affirmations for hormone balance.

Below are a few to help you get started.


1. I give myself permission to rest.

2. I choose to eat foods that support my body.

3. Balance and harmony are the innate state of being of my body.

4. I joyfully take responsibility for the things I can control and gracefully let go of what I cannot control.

5. Change is a natural part of life. I embrace what is here, knowing that it will soon change.

6. My body is like a garden and I choose to care for it with love, kindness and grace.

7. I make food choices that are loving and kind to me.

8. I feel joy and satisfaction from preparing nutritious meals for myself.

9. I deserve my own love, care and compassion.

10. I view my symptoms with compassion, kindness, and understanding.

11. I pamper myself with kind thoughts, nutritious food/drinks, and plenty of rest.

12. The energy that creates life flows through me and brings balance to my body.

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13. My body is resilient and adaptable. He is always doing the best he can at any given time.

14. It is safe for me to live a life that aligns with the true needs of mind, body, and soul.

15. My cells can feel every thought. I choose kind and loving thoughts as often as possible.

16. I choose to make peace with all the energies within me, including the dark and painful ones.

17. I make time to quiet my mind and reconnect with my higher self.

18. It is safe for me to dream big. After all, dreaming is 100% free!

19. I trust my body unconditionally.

20. I love my body unconditionally.

21. I respect my body unconditionally.

23. I do the best I can at all times and forgive myself when mistakes happen.

24. It is an honor and a privilege for me to move and exercise every day.

25. I welcome health, joy, and happiness into my life.

26. I honor my needs, wants, and wishes.

27. My health journey is unique to me. I choose to honor and respect that journey every step of the way.

28. I am much more than any diagnosis or label.

29. I renounce the need to control everything.

30. I give up the fight and allow the universe to guide me.

31. I can allow miracles to be a normal part of my life.

32. No one can take care of me or love me like I do.

33. It is possible to have fun while my body heals.

35. My body knows exactly how to find its natural harmony. All I have to do is create an environment that allows it to do so.

36. I choose to be patient with my body and give it all the time it needs to heal.

37. My body is the vessel through which I get to experience life. I treat my body with great care.

38. Every moment gives me the opportunity to make a new choice about what I eat, drink, or think. I choose to be more present and aware of each moment.

39. Every positive choice I make now changes the future for the better.

40. Prosperous health is my birthright.

41. I begin and end each day with gratitude and appreciation.

42. Even in the darkest of times, my higher self is always there. I choose to acknowledge her more often.

43. Feelings are as natural as the sun and the rain. I allow all my feelings to be without judgment.

45. As my relationship with my mind, body, and soul improves, so do my relationships with my loved ones.


As simple as it sounds, balancing your hormones starts with your food choices. More specifically, you want to focus on nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods.

In addition, you should also pay attention to your macronutrient balance.

Now this is all described in this hormone balance diet plan. Use that guide to dive into each food category—cooking oils, proteins, flours, and more—and learn what to look for when shopping.

Once your diet is on point, you can add herbs and supplements. These will help you fill any nutritional gaps that could be contributing to the hormonal imbalance.

For a list of products that can help you, check out this guide on supplements for female hormonal imbalance.


Is meditation good for hormonal imbalance?

Meditation can help with hormonal imbalance because it has been shown to reduce elevated stress and cortisol levels. Since high cortisol can negatively affect blood sugar, estrogen, and progesterone, using meditation as a cortisol-lowering tool can be beneficial for hormones.


The mind-body connection is not just a concept or a philosophy.

It’s very real and ignoring it can sometimes slow down our ability to experience true health and wellness.

I hope you find some inspiration in the above statements.

Hello! Are you curious about the best supplements for female hormones? Here are my favorites (my detailed review of these supplements can be found here):

  • Green juice: this is a multi-purpose powder that can help with weight loss, stress and cortisol balance, fatigue, detoxification, and more. It contains amazing ingredients like matcha, turmeric, ashwagandha, beetroot, and much more.
  • moon balance: This powder combines some of the best herbs for menstrual support, including hibiscus, maca, and shatavari. If your cycle is unbalanced and you struggle with things like PMS, period pain, and other menstrual imbalances, this is one to check out.
  • Formula 4|5: formulated specifically for women in perimenopausethese herbal capsules include vitex, milk thistle, and EstroG-100 (a proprietary blend of 3 herbs shown to improve menopausal symptoms).
  • feminine balance: This supplement combines “classic” feminine herbs (like red clover and vitex) with herbs to support the nervous system (hello, stress!) and detox-friendly herbs (like dandelion). These herbs have traditionally been used to support women’s health at all stages of life.
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